Former Students:

  • Dr. Yifan Zhao (Ph.D. 2021, currently at General Motors) 
  • Dr. Jian Zhang (Ph.D. 2021, currently at Cuberg)
  • Dr. Xiaoyu Wen (Ph.D. 2021, currently at QuantumScape) 
  • Dr. Setareh (Star) Jahansouz (Ph.D. 2019, currently at Cubic Corporation)
  • Dr. Zheng Yan (Ph.D. 2019, currently at LKQ Corporation)
  • Dr. Rahul Jay (Ph.D. 2018, currently at Ion Storage Systems)
  • Mr. Weilu Liang (M.S. 2018)
  • Dr. Chengyin Fu (Ph.D. 2017, currently at Donghua University)
  • Dr. Linxiao Geng (Ph.D. 2017, currently at Rivian)
  • Dr. Noam Hart (Ph.D. 2017, currently at NICE America Research Inc)

Former Visiting Scholars:

  • Dr. Peng Liu (2016-2017, Nanjing University of Science and Technology)
  • Dr. Haiping Su (2015-2017, East China University of Science and Technology)
  • Prof. Guocheng Lv (China University of Geosciences, Beijing)